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Writing – an uncomfortable feeling?

Kirsten Ogden writes about how-to-write-books in The Kenyon Review:

Make an appointment with myself! Sit down to write! Yes! That is what needed to be done! And I did do this, for about a week. Then I overslept one morning, got bored with the journal entries another morning, and somehow my new, regular, organized, appointment-defined writing life dissipated. This is more a result of my failing and not Ms. Brande’s method. She believes that “The difficulty of writing may be youth and humility,” and I can’t deny that I’m a bit young and a bit afraid of looking or sounding stupid. So, better to have failed while hardly trying, then to have tried hard, and failed, right?

3 Responses to “Writing – an uncomfortable feeling?”

  1. Jim Murdoch says:

    I don’t think Beckett could have put it better.

  2. Trouble is it never gets easier…at least, not for me.

    jb says: I can’t think of any reason why it should, Patry. Most writers get the occasional gift, but usually it’s a daily slog, mining the unconscious, hunting for gems we’ve hidden ourselves, in the places we’re convinced we’ll be unlikely to find them.

  3. Wrong.

    You can only ever succeed in a difficult task by perseverance.

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