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Writers at the Brussells Tribunal

20th March 2003 – 5.30 am: the American army and its allies bombard Baghdad. The War in Iraq has started. The blood and ink flow in abundance. Five years later, we, as writers, are sending a message to the people. We would like to appeal to each and every one of you and make you think.

A personal message from 91 writers in solidarity with the people of Iraq.

In Sum
In the middle of the nineteenth century, the murder of China deserved to be called The Opium War. Victoria, the drug trafficking queen, forced dope on the country in the name of the freedom to trade.
At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the murder of Iraq deserved to be called The Oil War. George W. Bush, more pipeline than president, crushed the country in the name of the freedom to lie.

Eduardo Galeano
Uruguayan writer and historian
translated by Mark Fried


“Today we daily see the infighting between the candidates for the Presidency of the US. All of them are talking about how fast they will try to End the war in Iraq, as well as bringing “the boys home”. We have heard that before.
Not least way back when the US was destroying Vietnam. I do not see any reason why we should believe them today.
They will continue to fight for the Oil, not for Peace and Stability and Democracy. And we will be forced to continue to give the US credits so they can fight this war.
I believe it is more important than ever to take part in the Protests against this unjust war. It is a threat to all of us. Stop financing this war by giving US the financial support!”

Henning Mankell
Swedish writer who gained bestseller stardom with his series of crime novels featuring inspector Kurt Wallander.


“The invasion of Iraq was a criminal act.
The occupation of Iraq remains a criminal act.
The British government under Blair and the United States administration are war criminals.
It’s as simple as that.”

Harold Pinter
author, Nobel Prize in Literature 2005


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