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Winged with Death Virtual Tour – 8

Today I’m in London, at Never Neutral, one of the the blogs of Ernesto Priego.
Ernesto has been reading Winged with Death for the last week month or so.
As well as his blogs, Ernesto Priego is a poet, essayist and translator and is currently a PhD student at The School of Library, Archive, and Information Studies, University College London.
He has taught XIX and XX century European, English and American Literature, Literary Criticism and Postmodern Critical Theory to undergraduate students at UNAM and Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, as well as other private and public institutions.
As a writer he has published in English, French and Spanish.
Why not come over to Never Neutral today and see what’s happening?

One Response to “Winged with Death Virtual Tour – 8”

  1. Ernesto Priego says:

    Hello John, I’ve been carrying Winged With Death with me for the last month at least! And I keep coming back to it…

    See you at mine 😉

    jb says: I’m over there now.