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Winged with Death Virtual Tour – 6

Today I’m in Angus in the North East of Scotland, at More About the Song, the blog of Rachel Fox.
Rachel has been reading Winged with Death for the last week or so.
As well as her blog and website, Rachel writes poems, publishes and performs them regularly at Montrose Folk Club. She also writes and sings her own songs. Apart from Montrose she has performed in Aberdeen, Dundee, Brechin and Edinburgh.
Why not come over to Rachel’s blog today and see what’s happening?

One Response to “Winged with Death Virtual Tour – 6”

  1. Rachel Fox says:

    My Mum just read your book too (just finished yesterday…too late for my post). She says there’s far too much sex in it (how I laughed!). You might want to put something about that on the cover for the reprint though. Or not.

    jb says: Good one. I love it. I’ll have a word with my editor.