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Winged with Death Virtual Tour – 17

Today I’m in the Palermo neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, at Donigan Merritt’s blog, Random Literary Blogging.
Donigan has been reading Winged with Death, my latest novel, for the last week or so. Winged with Death is partially set in Montevideo, on the other side of the River Plate.
As well as his blog, Donigan Merritt is a novelist. Born in Arkansas in 1945, Merritt has lived in Africa and Europe since 1991, most recently in Washington, DC. He has BA and MA degrees in Philosophy, and an MFA degree from the Iowa Writers Workshop.
He has some thoughts about Winged with Death, which he is ready to air on his blog.
Why not come over to Donigan Merritt’s Blog today and see what’s happening?

One Response to “Winged with Death Virtual Tour – 17”

  1. Dear John,
    I have been blind. Even though your name has been noted on both Don and Brad’s blogs and I’ve even read some of your comments in both of these places, I have been blind.

    I have just visited Don’s blog and read his review of your latest book. Because of this review, I will be ordering a copy to read for myself. Crime/fiction is not a genre I tend to lean towards ordinarily but the review has done it’s job and I am hooked to know more.

    Had I realised that you were here in the UK and on a book tour no less, I would have made every effort to come and listen to one your readings. (I am in Derbyshire, not a million miles away from your good self.)

    I shall now put right this wrong and add your blog name to my blog roll. Every little helps as they say and I am more than happy to do my bit in supporting a talent I can only dream of observing let alone acquiring.
    More power to your elbow Sir.

    Kindest Regards,

    jb says: Hi Tracey. Thanks for your comments, kind remarks. Winged with Death isn’t really a crime novel, and from looking at your own site and your comments on Don’s site I can see that you’ll enjoy the book.
    But do let me know what you think when you’ve had time to look at it.