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Winged with Death – the artwork

This is an advance copy of the artwork for the cover of Winged with Death, my latest novel, which is due from Flambard Press in March 2009. The design and illustration is by Andrew Foley:

Winged with Death

Winged with Death - the cover

Details are likely to change, at least marginally, but the eventual outcome will be quite similar.

4 Responses to “Winged with Death – the artwork”

  1. Sole Prop says:

    Nice art work, makes a really fine cover with the proper punch. Best of luck with the publication (break a leg and all that), you’ll have at least one sale here on the old Colonial coast.

    jb says: Glad to hear you like it, SP. I wasn’t sure at first but it’s growing on me. I like the colours.

  2. J.C. says:

    This is very nice piece of work, I would say. I read the excerpt, the novel looks interesting too, I can relate to it somehow already, based on that little I have read.

    jb says: Thanks JC. I love it when someone hears the voice.

  3. Holly says:

    Nice cover John, I like it a lot.
    Simple yet effective.

    jb says: Holly in Montevideo, eh? On the spot, so to speak.

  4. Mark says:

    Very fetching, actually. Has an old style feel to it that’s probably right. Has a sense of motion to it, which I suspect will be one of the themes of the book. I look forward to looking at it on my shelves . . . Funny thing, too: for some reason it’s a very tactile image. Makes me want to touch the book, run the whorls of my fingers over it.

    jb says: Hi Mark. I like the river and the colours and the guy’s hat, strangely enough. But I find his partner rather creepy. The way you can’t see what she’s thinking and then that hand, a kind of outgrowth, kitsch, like tango and at the same time toppling right over into the grotesque.
    For some reason book-covers rarely have anything to do with the text, so for one of its kind, this one gets close from time to time.