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Wim Wenders remembers Pina Bausch

Yes, it’s a very fragile process. It’s so difficult to condense this material into a public performance, to say something with all these things that were initially improvised and then shape and form them into a structure. And maybe the reason that it’s not something that anybody can do is that you need to have taste and you need to have a lot of patience, and a lot of modesty also to see a lot of stuff, hundreds of hours, and then see the second that really says something. I’d be scared to do it. You see, film directors, we all think we know the territory because we deal with actors, we tell them what to do, we tell them sometimes how to move. It’s a tall story, but Nicholas Ray told me, “I taught James Dean how to walk.” So we think as film directors we have a hand in their work. We correct them. “Don’t do that, do that,” and after a while you think you understand a little about body language. And then you see Pina and you realize we’re fucking analphabets. We know nothing, we know nothing. At least that’s what I understood.
Wim Wenders.

The official trailer for Pina, Wim Wenders film, is available on Youtube.

From An Interview with Wim Wenders by Peggy Baker. Reproduced from Brick Magazine, number 89.

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