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Who’s Afraid of Bette Davis?

Edward Albee told a story about Bette Davis wanting the part of Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf on film, claiming she was his first choice. Albee thought it would be wonderful for Davis to open the film with the line, “What a dump. Who said that, George, ‘What a dump’?”

When, of course, it was Bette Davis in the 1949 King Vidor film, Beyond the Forest, who first spoke the lines in the part of Rosa Moline. We could have had Bette Davis imitating herself in the part of a woman bored with life in a small town and insisting that George, her husband, guess who it was.

Thanks to NYCWeboy (on the Newcritics Site) for reminding me 

8 Responses to “Who’s Afraid of Bette Davis?”

  1. Dr Larry Myers says:

    The new play of Off Broadway playwright Larry Myers is

    about fanatics of the Ghoulish Gothic flick!

    jb says: This one sounds as though it should do well for the old folks.

  2. Chris Loper says:

    Old folks? it does do well with anyone who knows the movie
    Why did those enemies get together and make the movie?

  3. Mona Duvet-Poolcover says:

    Dr. Larry Myer’s new offering for the 2008 season, “Deconstructing Baby Jane,” is a revelation. There has never been nor shall ever be a play that so not unlike a surgeon’s scalpel dissects hitherto unknown synapse and sinews of the corpus Bette Davis.

    jb says: Sounds like we’ll have to go see it, then.

  4. Franklin says:

    Dang it, I can’t believe i’m not in town to see this masterpiece!

  5. Tom Walsh aka Bevan Ramsay says:

    Larry Myer’s play is a phenomena! I’m in awe of this playwright. Everything he does is a riviting theater experiece! Come one, come all to Bette Davis et al.

    jb says: OK, we’re beginning to get the message, Tom. But what’s so good about it? Can you tell us?

  6. dr larry myers says:

    actors lissa moira ellen martin john derik george trahanis larry gutman offered bravura performances for the premiere of ‘deconstructing baby jane’ which premiered oct 31 halloween at theater for the new city. tnc’s crystal field actually began the halloween parade several decades ago
    last nite 2 million attended the parade 75 attended ‘baby jane’
    there were laughs as well as shock at this peculiar permutation

    jb says: Thanks, Larry. Great numbers . . . Remember, there were only thirteen people at the first meeting of the Chinese Communist Party.

  7. dr larry myers says:

    today in the new york post is documented my recent fall paralyzing my right leg. ….am in a terrible cast ankle to groin
    spoke to b d hyman–davis s daughter
    she is a powerful healer, a gracious generous woman who spoke to me 1/2 hour
    her theater is one of healing
    her voice is reminscent of her mother

    jb says: Good to hear you’re being mended, Larry.

  8. Edgardo says:

    Bette Davis is a legend. She’s the best actress ever. Thanks for this great info.