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Reflections of a working writer and reader



What you reading, darling?

At The Kenyon Review, Sergei Lobanov-Rostovsky reflects on book-lovers who end relationships because their partner doesn’t share their taste in books:

What a relief finally to hear the truth spoken aloud! Ever since I was a little boy and saw the girl across the street reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, I’ve known that I couldn’t respect a woman with a taste for rhyme. As life went on, I learned that reading poetry in general was a sure sign of an underlying character flaw and a tendency never to pick up the check in expensive restaurants. Readers of epics, I have learned, expect heroics in bed, so no dark-eyed readers of blank verse for me! Plays imply a talkative streak which no man can abide. (Except Corneille. But let’s not quarrel, my love.) To readers of memoirs I say simply, “Get a life!” And on my therapist’s orders, I cannot have a biography in the house. (Performance anxiety. Inevitable death. You understand.)

One Response to “What you reading, darling?”

  1. jerry prager says:

    Rhythm and rhyme are fine in books read in nooks
    although poets are liars or so say philosophiars,
    legends I find are tangents of times out of mind,
    and dramatics have now become nowt but schematics,
    or at least that’s how I remember the sturm und drang of my notes,
    and then there’s that book about me that you were writing,
    or was it me that was writing of you ?
    But that of course was before you were so unexpectedly
    called away and I left you in coitus interpretus penum.