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The New Look

Is really a new wordpress theme. All seems to be working as it should, at least in the browsers that I’ve checked. If you find anything on the site that doesn’t work, please let me know.

I still have some tinkering to do with it, but overall I’m quite pleased with the look.

This is brought about by a wish to have a site that loads quicker than the old one, which basically means some kind of minimalist theme. And the other consideration is how much it costs to run. With the old theme it was beginning to get expensive, but with this one I hope to be able to hold the costs down to present levels.

2 Responses to “The New Look”

  1. Steve Clackson says:

    I miss the pic but understand the reason to keep costs inline.

    jb says: The picture may come back, when I figure out how to do it.

  2. It wouldn’t look the same without the pic. 🙂

    jb says: The picture should be up now. But there’s quite a few other little jobs to do round here.