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The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

When at last you got the news
That took you over the cliff edge
Into the black crevasse of all that’s feared –
Loss of children, future, the ordinary rich pleasures
Of this difficult life, and your spirits sank
In the cold currents of a black lake.

Then came the good doctor
Whose calm can settle a ward
As when a harsh wind drops
Or evening sun breaks through.
His careful explanations settled you.
No ego flaunts itself, no phoney cheeriness,
Just sense and human kindness
And time in a driven life
To lean on windowsills and chat.
On his instructions treatment changes,
The right drugs given, a weekend out
To breath the air on Hampstead Heath
To see the leaves and foolish dogs
And rediscover all the other things you are
Besides a woman who is going to die
Before she thought.
All this the good doctor brings
And his mysterious inward smile
Expressing more than understanding.

A poem by Angela Fisher
(22 May 1943 – 23rd January 2011)

One Response to “The Good Doctor”

  1. Thomas Baker says:

    She seems to offer some hope, like fresh air in the city center. But where does she draw such images of strength from? Was she in her right mind?