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The Future of Books and Publishing

Richard Nash talks about book publishing:

Basically, the best-selling five hundred books each year will likely be published much like Little Brown publishes James Patterson, on a TV production model, or like Scholastic did Harry Potter and Doubleday Dan Brown, on a big Hollywood blockbuster model.

The rest will be published by niche social publishing communities.

2 Responses to “The Future of Books and Publishing”

  1. chrismv says:

    It all made me wonder about the impact of the internet over the publishing companies. Did the latter really suffer from the advent of online books and ibooks. And most importantly, what will happen to our beloved soft and hardbacks. Although I have a feeling that they are here to stay.

  2. Brian Bordenkircher says:

    I think that the publishing industry will change very much over the next 20 years. I have a feeling that libraries will change quite a bit with the digital book form being more popular. The price of paperback books will likely rise because a paperback book will be considered to be more of a luxury and a collectible. Shouldnt a paper book be slightly more expensive if only 5% to 10% of the sales of that book are in paper form? What will the digital age mean to the new self published authors over the next 20 years? With more and more authors will it mean that the cost of advertising a book will also increase?

    We have quite a number of major changes taking place in this industry