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The Comedy of Errors

“I see two husbands, or mine eyes deceive me…”

We were at the Royal Exchange in Manchester to see Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors directed by Roxana Silbert.

Some years ago, Egeon, his wife Aemilia, their twin sons and twin servants were shipwrecked. Egeon, one son and one servant were separated from the rest and have travelled the world in search of their other halves ever since. Now they meet again, initially with potentially drastic consequences.

This is a short play with a young and enthusiastic cast, packed with sparkling and frothy humour, both physical and verbal, and is hugely enjoyable.

Of particular note are the costumes, designed especially for this production and reminiscent of Vivian Westwood and Steve McQueen. And for me, the excellent performances were capped by that of Owain Arthur as the servant Dromio of Ephesus. But this is to take nothing away from the rest of the cast.

Later we went to the excellent Tai Wu restaurant in Oxford Street, and enjoyed some Cantonese food. And even though the evening had to end up in the eerily silent and abandoned John Lennon airport at 2.30 am, the enthusiasm and vivacity of the play continued to sustain.

The Comedy of Errors will continue until the 8th May.

One Response to “The Comedy of Errors”

  1. Patti Abbott says:

    Thanks for reminding me of my year living in Worsley when we saw many fine productions at the Royal Exchange, including two with the young Michael Sheen-Charlie’s Aunt and Look Back in Anger. He was brilliant in both.