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The benefits of blogging

Over at Arcane Code there is a list of six fairly obvious benefits to blogging:

Meet and Greet, Self Documenting, Self Promotion, Mentoring, Education and Giving Back. These are all briefly elaborated and worth a few minutes of your time.

Like most folks I have an exaggerated sense of self importance. Blogging just reinforces my narcissistic streak and inflates my ego even further. Seriously, if you have an interest in writing, speaking, etc., a blog serves as an important tool in promoting your skills and desires to others.

3 Responses to “The benefits of blogging”

  1. It’s hard to stop blogging, John. I find the lure of other blogs seductive & my own pastime, addictive.

  2. Michele says:


    I find myself fascinating. Someone sure has to!

    jb says: Michele, we all find you fascinating.

  3. Dick says:

    Until I hit the word ‘seriously’ I thought the guy was being refrishingly honest. Looks like I’ll have to remain disingenuous about my blogging motivation for a little bit longer..!

    jb says: You can be candid here, Dick.