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The American World

The American World


13 Responses to “The American World”

  1. Lesley says:

    Very funny, in a pathetic kind of way. But I’m not sure why Canada (my home country) is given the Mouse Heads moniker. Is that some slang term I’m not familiar with?

    jb says: Hi Lesley. Don’t know. Let’s hope someone will tell us.

  2. blue girl says:

    I thought the same thing. Maybe it’s supposed to be “Moose Heads.” Because of the beer.

    jb says: Could be, if they left the spelling to the president.

  3. marydell says:

    As an American, subject to our version of the news, this map is both hilarious and sadly true. However, I’m not sure about the Canadian reference because I’ve never heard of mice being associated with our northern neighbors. Could it have something to do with Mickey Mouse, which is slang for something trivial?

    jb says: Could be, Marydell. It would be good to get to the bottom of this.

  4. Jerry Prager says:

    As yet another Canadian weighing in on the Great Mouse Mystery because I have nothing better to do at 10:48 on a Saturday night,
    maybe it was written by the president but he actually meant beaver, but couldn’t remember the word, although he knew mice were furry and so were the other things (beavers.)
    And because he knew that there was a head on one end of the creature, but couldn’t remember which end, what he was actually trying to say was beaver tails. The land of the beaver tails to the south of America was probably what the president was thinking.
    Probably beer drinking beavers wearing elk antlers that made them look like mice.

    jb says: It was good to nail that one, Jerry. It was beginning to get me down.

  5. Jerry Prager says:

    I live to serve.

    jb says: And well-equipped for the job, if I may say so. Not everyone knew that the president knew that much stuff.

  6. Jerry Prager says:

    I’ve been sworn to secrecy actually. But it’s alright, because The President told me this was a CIA blog and I’d be alright talking openly here, he said if I wore an aluminum foil hat while posting to you, the free world would remain safe from his enemas.

    jb says: The guy posts here himself from time to time. Short posts, y’know, in that language he uses.

  7. DD says:

    and just think, in a year or two we will really see this change.

    jb says: Hey, steady on there, DD. I’m home alone tonight.

  8. Sedu Styles says:

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    jb says: Well, Hi, and thanks for calling in. I don’t know, maybe I should take up your advice. Only I thought there were lots of interesting sites on the internet already, and I don’t wanna run with the pack.

  9. rené says:

    Could someone tell me what the Canadian’s Mouse head means please? I’m going to have an oral exam on Wednesday on this map and i don’t know what the US definition of Canada (Mouse heads??) refers to . . . thanks for answering to me.

  10. I laughed so hard when I saw this for the first time. “Big Island. Hawaii?” is my favorite.

    Definitely represents America’s priorities well– people do know that Africa isn’t empty, but it might as well be for all they seem to care.

    jb says: Hi Laura, nice that you called round. Africa’s not empty – whaddya mean?

  11. ADIZZ says:

    ….even though there has been no post for quite some time…here are my thoughts on this matter…..i wonder if our president uses this map for darts …and decide where to attack next?!

    jb says: He can play darts, then, Adizz?

  12. dan-e says:

    Yea I found this map by google images, love it. Onto the whole mouse-head thing; I’m from Australia and I reckon it’s because Canadians are largely perceived to be living in snow, and wear those wool hats with the ear-covery-uppy bits hangin off the side? Which is a bit mouse-like I guess (like a mouse with droopy ears). In Australia we call em beanies, but they don’t usually have the ear-cover part on it.


  13. Charles says:

    Why did the maker of this map neglected the small Is Lands in the world in his map? Why don’t he care about Sri Lanaka,Malaysia,Philippine,Madagascar & so on. Is that mean America is a BIG country & Americans only interested in BIG Is Lands,BIG Peninsulas,& Continents like Asia,Africa,Europe & Americas. There’s also a good news in it,& it is, we,the citizens of small countries are not a part of GIGANTIC American Empire, we are truly independent nations.