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Ten Awful Truths . . .

. . . about publishing:
Ten Awful Truths About Book Publishing by Steve Piersanti 6-09 Update

Thanks to Elizabeth Baines for this one.

2 Responses to “Ten Awful Truths . . .”

  1. Dick says:

    Oh, bleak at the outset of the New Year! Must I resort to Lulu..?

    jb says: After everything you know now, Dick; would she be so bad?

  2. Joel says:

    This is good news for small publishers though. If the average US book now sells fewer than 250 copies a year that means a small publisher could do as well. People want to read good writing, and if the big publishers don’t produce it but small publishers do, then buyers will simply shift their affections. It hardly matters any more than most books aren’t in bookshops, since most people buy over the internet anyway and browsing in real shops is generally more interesting in secondhand and charity shops than big bookshops where you already know they’ll only be stocking Katie Price and books you may want but are cheaper on the web.

    Roll on the day the big publishers collapse like banks and every publisher is a small publisher. Then it will be about quality again, not clout.

    jb says: Hi Joel. It’s certainly good to see so many smaller publishers doing well, these days.