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Some Praise and a Bloggers’ T-Shirt

A quick note to thank you all for the quality and quantity of comments on this page recently. Other sites might get more, but ours are of a consistently good standard.

If you haven’t left a comment, please do as it’s great to hear from you.

And look at this. You haven’t actually won a T-shirt, but you can buy one for yourself. I have no connection, either financial or otherwise with the company that makes and markets these shirts. I didn’t even buy one.

Bloggers' T-shirt

You can get it here. Or you can just make the sign for people you think might be bloggers. Take care.

3 Responses to “Some Praise and a Bloggers’ T-Shirt”

  1. Maxine says:

    Thanks for the laugh John (the Threadneedles site). I’ve linked to your post on Petrona.
    Not sure if you meant to include my comments in the above post, but if so, thanks for that too.

    (John Baker says: Of course I meant to include your comments, Maxine. Thanks for the link. John.)

  2. Michele says:

    I love that t-shirt design. It’s superfly. I don’t have tons to comment, but I still really like your blog. Keep up the stunning work.

  3. Mike says:

    Love the design, almost broke my fingers trying to do that word with my own fingers… LOL