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Sand Storm Author quits

The following short notice has appeared on Steve Clackson’s blog, Sand Storm. No archives are available and it looks as though Steve has closed down and shut up the shop:

Goodbye – So Long and Fare Thee Well
Sometimes in life you have to come to terms with the realization that enough is enough. When your days writing and even your reading seems less enjoyable. When you finally come to terms with rejections and the fact you may never get your novel published. When you draft your 500th post as this is and realize that it’s not much fun any more. When after 3 yrs of writing, blogging and querying there is little to show for it, then it is time to move on. Thanks to all of you for your comments and e-mails over the past 18 months that I’ve been blogging take care and best wishes.
Steve Clackson

Best wishes, Steve, for whatever it is that you turn your attention to next.

4 Responses to “Sand Storm Author quits”

  1. Paul says:

    I never saw Steve Clackson’s Blog, but I found his 500th posting very moving. I’ve had exactly the same thoughts about my writing in the past.
    I’d just like to add my Best Wishes. Steve obviously has something to say and I hope he finds his voice again, in whatever form it might take.

  2. I’m with Paul, John. I share both your sentiments.
    Hi Paul, how are u doing?
    I too, sometimes wonder what it’s all about.
    All these writing & blogging.
    But I admit that in sharing & reading different ideas, my thoughts are so much more perceptive now then they’ve ever been.
    I’ve also enjoyed staying open-minded about different approaches to publishing & such when I didn’t before.
    Perhaps, I see blogging & debates etc. as rivulets heading on to a big brook.
    So i keep pressing on for the sake of my spirit.

    I hope Clarkson will not give up but will achieve his writing/publishing dreams, some other route even if present ideas no longer appeal to him. Keep on going, Clarkson. Don’t ever stop running for the rainbow.

    Thank you, John.

  3. pluto says:

    I’m another one who didn’t know Steve’s blog but was moved by his final message.

    > When after 3 yrs of writing, blogging and querying there is little to show for it …

    Intriguing remark. I’d like to know what he meant by “little to show for it.” Did he fail to build up an audience of appreciative readers? Sounds unlikely. Or did his blog fail to turn into a commercial enterprise, or to lead to lucrative job offers?

    I wonder what he wanted, and what he didn’t get.

    jb says: Intriguing questions, Pluto. To which, unfortunately, we may never know the answers.

  4. pluto says:

    John, sorry to ask a nerdish question which isn’t even about writing, but how do you leave those economical little “jb says” tags on people’s comments? (I’ve just searched Blogger Help to try to find out myself first).

    jb says: Hi Pluto. I’ve never used Blogger, so the answer is that I don’t know. I use WordPress and simply insert my replies into the original comment. Seems like the most economical way to do it. But perhaps Blogger doesn’t give you that option.