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Rules of Sleep – a poem by Howard Moss


In the sludge drawer of animals in arms,
Where legs entwine to keep the body warm
Against the winter night, some cold seeps through—
It is the future: say, a square of stars
In the windowpane, suggesting the abstract
And large, or a sudden shift in position
That lets one body know the other’s free to move
An inch away, and then a thousand miles,
And, after that, even intimacy
Is only another form of separation.

Howard Moss

2 Responses to “Rules of Sleep – a poem by Howard Moss”

  1. Simon Doy says:

    Hi John

    My wife and I are blind and following a visit to York in the summer, we managed to track down your book ‘Poet In The Gutter’ which we enjoyed. Obviously we listen to audiobooks, but we are having problems locating the next in that series. Can you help us?

    I’m sorry if I’ve posted in the wrong place, but it was hard to locate a way of contacting you, so please feel free to delete this post, although it would be good to hear back via email.

    Many thanks
    Simon Doy

  2. john baker says:

    Hi Simon,
    I replied to your email address. It’s easy to contact me: and click the icon at the top of the page.