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Raku Raku Simple Keitai

Mitsubishi’s Raku Raku Simple Keitai‘ phone, which is aimed at the over-60s, has limited features, an extra loud earpiece, easy-to-push buttons, and a large, clear display.
rakuraku phone
The phone also has a peace-of-mind feature which automatically sends a message to the family members of the user every time his or her phone is plugged in to recharge.

There is also a slot at the bottom of the handset which contains a real paper address pad, so addled old minds don’t have to wrestle with digital concepts.

In Japan the uptake on mobile phones is almost one-hundred-percent in most of the population. The only people left to market phones to are the under-fives and the over sixties. The marketeers have decided to go for the old folks first.

The new phones have large buttons labeled 1, 2 and 3 (you can see them in the photograph directly under the screen) for calling the most important numbers. And the mobiles can read out loud any text on the screen.

The final touch is a built-in pedometer, a device that is, apparently, something of a fixation among Japanese seniors.

If you’re not old yet but only a little deaf or a little blind or a heavy drinker, or if you want your girl-friend or boy-friend to know when you’re charging your batteries, then deliveries of the new mobiles are expected in Europe and the USA soon.

6 Responses to “Raku Raku Simple Keitai”

  1. But does it have a “help me, I’ve fallen and can’t get up” button? That is the question!

  2. Pearl says:

    I like the notepad and peace of mind feature. Of course, that would mean with my fogetting to plug mine in so often that I would make it a ill-at-ease of mind feature but it’s not the tool but how it’s used I guess.

  3. Dick Jones says:

    Christ, how depressing!

  4. john baker says:

    Travis, I’m sure it has the button you need. Or if it doesn’t one of these young ‘uns will be able to program it. My neighbour came round to ask if it had wheels.
    Pearl, it has beeps and it flashes you if you forget to charge it. I guess it also keeps you on a lead so you can’t wander away without it.
    And, Dick, if you think this is depressing wait til they start rooting for the under fives.

  5. Culo says:

    Where can I buy this mobile in Germany?

    jb says: Sorry, I don’t know the answer. You should probably try the Mitsubishi site or talk to a local phone dealer.

  6. Gab says:

    Gosh, how sad… I guess you know is your time, when you get this sort of present from your family. here you go that… you are a bit old now… LOL