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Reviews: 2 Death Minus Zero

With his second novel Baker takes more risks than many writers would dare and triumphs. Val McDermid, novelist, Manchester Evening News.

Baker’s second novel is strong, dark and discursive. There’s no doubt that – with his York setting and up-from-the-gutter hero – Baker has added something new to the crime scene. Philip Oakes, Literary Review.

The supporting cast work splendidly, and York itself is evoked in an effective series of settings. Dark and seedy, leavened with ample wit, I enjoyed this book and can imagine it making an entertaining television series. Martin Hughes, Crime Time.

Great characters, idiosyncratic plot – a definite original. Maxim Jakubowski, Time Out.

Sam’s team are an engaging bunch and there is nothing unbelievable about the skills the reader sees employed. If you don’t know John Baker’s work yet, try it because it’s good. Steve Freeborn, A Shot in the Dark.

Absorbing and well-written with an exciting finale. TJ Binyon, London Evening Standard.

Like the earlier book, Death Minus Zero strikes a simple, almost fantastical, note. Deceptive indeed, because there is plenty here to digest and enjoy. Stephanie McKeown, Oxford Times.

A tough, gritty read in the new modern manner of the British thriller. If you’re into black comedy with a touch of surrealism, then Death Minus Zero will have you chuckling through the length of its two hundred odd pages. The Irish Times.

I’m reading Death Minus Zero and finding it compelling reading. Your portrayal of the psychopath is breathtakingly good. It’s the casual way he does monstrous things that makes him so credible. I tell you that guy made my flesh creep. I actually felt nauseous at times – and I’m a devoted Stephen King fan, so I don’t gross out easily. Liked the ending. Margaret Murphy, novelist.

John Baker is one of those writers that you know from the first book, if there is any justice in the literary world, will be widely acclaimed by both fans and critics. His writing style draws the reader into the book from the first page and his stories and characters linger in the mind for days after the book is finished. Baker’s writing flows like a river of words making his books hard to put down. Treat yourself to this series, you’ll be glad you did. Vicky Shultz,

Baker presents us with a strongly themed novel that grips from page one. The characters are as strong as ever, and the humour is blacker than the back of the devil. PastryWiz UK.