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Presque vu XXXXI

Tony Blair made a 35 minute speech to 400 millionaire bankers in Las Vegas last week. The ex-prime minister’s fee for the event was £125,000. He urged his audience to support the policies of George Bush’s republican world view. Allegedly the Clinton’s were not too chuffed.


The Tom Cruise indoctrination video that scientology tried to suppress is on Gawker.
The actor’s style on the video was recently compared to the Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels.
Guido Knopp, who has written a number of books on Hitler and his inner circle, said the video, which surfaced on YouTube last week, “inevitably” recalled Goebbels’ speech in a Berlin sports stadium when he asked “Do you want total war?” and the crowd thundered “Yes!”


A goth who leads his girlfriend around with a dog lead and collar was stopped from getting on a bus in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, amid fears for passenger safety. Just another day in a small market town in England. The full story with pictures is on the BBC site.


Ten extraordinary literary suicides in Times Online. Do you still want to be a writer?

3 Responses to “Presque vu XXXXI”

  1. Dick says:

    What IS it with Tony Blair? So plausible for so long & then so catastrophically determined to get it relentlessly wrong. A man of straw, clearly, although even that offers too much substance. Down to a single, astronomically expensive stalk, maybe.

    jb says: He’s a man of the church now, Dick. Maybe he always was? It must be difficult to lead when you’re carrying a cross.

  2. Jeanette says:

    That goth story was odd. At first I thought it was like an actual dog lead where the girl was “walking” around on all fours, which could be a safety issue.

  3. DarenGMcDougal says:

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