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Reflections of a working writer and reader



Presque vu XXXVIII

The Dear Author site has Sandra Schwab’s positive review of a new Cybook e-book reader.

So far I’ve read 1½ books on the Cybook and I have to say it makes for very comfortable reading indeed, I haven’t experienced any sort of eyestrain whatsoever: the screen isn’t really white, but more grayish in colour (like a newspaper) and the resulting contrast between the black letters and gray background is rather nice. Still, as a first-time e-book reader I found it somewhat strange to read without being able to feel how I’m progressing through the book.


TechCrunch examines the Chinese and Australian way:

The Australian Government has announced that they will be joining China as one of the few countries globally that broadly censor the internet.


America’s Business Week has an interesting article by Candice Choi on the print-on-demand industry:

On-demand publisher has churned out 236,000 paperbacks since it opened in 2002, and its volume of new paperbacks has risen each month this year, hitting 14,745 in November.

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