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Presque vu XXIII

On her blog, Writing, Life and the Universe, Angela Young tells us about a seminar she attended in the UK with Mark Thornton, where the subject matter, for authors, is how to sell your book to the independent bookshops. Mark’s course, entitled, Shelf Secrets, runs over a single day and is presented at Mostly Books in Abingdon. The next course is in January 2008, and you can contact the bookshop on +44 1235 525880


Delocator is an open-source site which finds independent cafes and coffee shops in the UK, based on postcode. Useful if you’d rather avoid corporates and help circulate money in your local community while maintaining a diverse cafe culture.

The sister site in the USA is:


We have pacified some thousands of the islanders and buried them; destroyed their fields; burned their villages, and turned their widows and orphans out-of-doors; furnished heartbreak by exile to some dozens of disagreeable patriots; subjugated the remaining ten millions by Benevolent Assimilation, which is the pious new name of the musket; we have acquired property in the three hundred concubines and other slaves of our business partner Sultan of Sulu, and hoisted our protecting flag over that swag. And so, by the Providences of God – and the phrase is the government’s, not mine – we are a World Power. – Mark Twain on our nation-building in the Philippines.

Thanks to Undernews for this one.

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