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Presque vu XII

Tony Blair is very clear in advocating the UK’s need for the Son of Trident. Many of us thought that the myth of an independent nuclear deterrent for the UK was a waste of money and a danger to world peace in the twentieth century.

Certainly, now, it is hardly credible that such a device would be used against a so-called rogue state, killing millions of people and poisoning the atmosphere of the entire globe for the foreseeable future.

How about the government showing us a little creativity and imagining how else we might spend an estimated £20 billion?


Online, Everyone’s a Critic is the title of an article in The Australian Literary Review, penned by Genevieve Tucker, the blogger behind reeling and writhing, a litblog from down under.

Here and overseas, what these conversations (by bloggers) often show is that the reading public has not, in the past, been in the habit of telling the industry very much to its face about its less popular decisions, such as not maintaining backlists, or taking new writers’ work away too quickly for it to build a following.

In the article, Genevieve brings the story of book blogging to a wider audience. But go visit and take a look for yourself.


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