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Presque vu LXXV

In The Guardian, David V Barrett on how Scientologists pressurise publishers over and over again:

Last week we learned that has bowed to pressure to stop selling a book by a former senior Irish Scientologist. The Complex: An Insider Exposes the Covert World of the Church of Scientology (Merlin Publishing, Dublin) describes John Duignan’s 21 years in the religion, not all of it a happy tale. According to Amazon, “Unfortunately, we have had to withdraw The Complex by John Duignan in the UK because we received a specific allegation that a passage in the book is defamatory regarding an individual named in the book”. Other bookshops are also thought to have been warned not to stock the book. And everyone who has ever encountered the Church of Scientology sighs and says, “Here we go again.”


America – Bush ushers in Midnight Regulations:

Dozens of new rules have already been introduced which critics say will diminish worker safety, pollute the environment, promote gun use and curtail abortion rights. Many rules promote the interests of large industries, such as coal mining or energy, which have energetically supported Bush during his two terms as president. More are expected this week.


SFGate reports on the 20 most trusted companies:
A report which is bizarre to say the least, being sad and funny at the same time. Neither Google or Microsoft are on the list while other omissions include Countrywide Financial, Bank of America and Weight Watchers.
The top ten, however, include American Express, IBM, eBay, Amazon and Apple, most of which I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole. (TimesOnline today report on Amazon, Britain’s most popular website for Christmas shopping, which is making its staff work seven days a week and threatening them with the sack if they take time off sick.)
Can’t understand why McDonalds and Starbucks didn’t make the list. Must be a mistake.

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