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Presque vu LXVII

Bud Parr has several reasons why we should boycott Amazon: “Unless I see something from Amazon proving that this is somehow justified (using strong-arm tactics to push up publishers’ discounts) I hereby boycott and suggest you do too.”


The tiny community of Harrold, in the far north of Texas, has recently approved a local decision to allow it’s teachers to bring firearms to school to protect against possible shootings.


An American book prize has blacklisted Random House following its “cowardly self-censorship” of Sherry Jones’s novel The Jewel of Medina, which is about the child-bride of Muhammad. A spokesman for the prize said Random House’s decision not to print Jones’s novel represented “a threat to all literature”.


This is Matthew Syed on Sex and the Olympic City:

Barcelona was, for many of us Olympic virgins, as much about sex as it was about sport. There were the gorgeous hostesses – there to assist the athletes – in their bright yellow shirts and black skirts; there were the indigenous lovelies who came to watch the competitions. And then there were the female athletes – literally thousands of them – strutting, shimmying, sashaying and jogging around the village, clad in Lycra and exposing yard upon yard of shiny, toned, rippling and unimaginably exotic flesh. Women from all the countries of the world: muscular, virile, athletic and oozing oestrogen. I spent so much time in a state of lust that I could have passed out. Indeed, for all I knew I did pass out – in a place like that how was one to tell the difference between dreamland and reality?

2 Responses to “Presque vu LXVII”

  1. Dick says:

    Damn! If they’d allowed us to take guns to school, I wouldn’t have retired early!

    jb says: I didn’t exactly have you down as a shooter, Dick.

  2. Michal says:

    Well I think that there should be people in schools that will try to defend us in case something bad happened.

    jb says: Try thinking it through, Michal.