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Presque vu LX

Sir Jorge on Jasmine’s Heart:

In the end, like I’ve said many times, all they sold me was boredom.
In the end all they sell us is boredom.


A footballing priest from Burkina Faso has been sent off in a church tournament for throwing his shirt at the referee in Italy.


Brandon Robshaw in The Independent reviews Looking for Enid, By Duncan McLaren:

A biography of Enid Blyton, but a peculiar one – this is as much about the biographer as it is about the biographee. McLaren, a lifelong Blyton fan, takes to the road with his girlfriend, visiting sites where Blyton lived, worked and set her books – including, of course, her country house Green Hedges where she lived with her second husband and wrote the most celebrated of her 600 books, including the Famous Five series, the Malory Towers series and the Noddy books. Each chapter ends with a curious parody of a Five Find-Outers mystery, with Fatty appearing to represent McLaren himself, and little Bets his girlfriend Kate.

One Response to “Presque vu LX”

  1. J.C. says:

    I am glad you liked Sir Jorge’s writings John. Sometimes he makes brilliant sentences with ability to sublime so much within. Thanks a lot again for stressing this out.