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Reflections of a working writer and reader



Presque vu L

The Hostile Media Phenomenon. It’s a psychological term for the way the opinionated react to negative reviews of Apple products and which also explains the enormous divide between the pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian lobbies.


WF Frederick has a list of 10 Social Media Sites specifically for writers. Go look up Shelfari, Scribophile, Issuu and Ficlets.


Copy write versus Copyright. Do keep up.

One Response to “Presque vu L”

  1. Re: social media sites for writers, I’ve been using Goodreads, although it is populated mostly by readers, fortunately. I’ve mainly stopped approving writers as new “friends” because I’d rather read what someone thought of a book they read than what they want me to think of the one they wrote.

    Interesting to compare the reviews on Goodreads to the same book’s reviews on Amazon. I find I agree more with the Goodreads gang — is it my demographic, or are people still loading Amazon with friends and family reviews?

    jb says: Hi Ann, I don’t know Goodreads, but will have a look at it now. I don’t read many of these sites at all because my own reading is quite idiosyncratic and often of books that have been around for some time or may even be out of print. I do belong a reading group, though, (not on the web, in the physical world) and enjoy the exchange of ideas and the way each reader constructs a different world from the clues in the book.
    I’ve also heard that the Amazon reviews are often ‘loaded’, though I have, from time to time, come across extremely good reviews on Amazon.
    Maybe some naive authors do want you to think in a certain way about their books. For my part I love it when someone discovers something in a book that I didn’t know I’d put in there.