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Reflections of a working writer and reader



Presque vu I

The Independent ran a piece on The Method in which John Hiscock remembered the exploits of the actors who have used the technique over the years. Sissy Spacek was introduced to the Actors Studio and auditioned for Stephen King’s Carrie (1976), She didn’t wash, put Vaseline on her hair and turned up in her mothballed high- school prom dress. She got the job. For Coalminer’s Daughter (1980), Spacek toured with Loretta Lynn for weeks.

In Seedlings & Sprouts: Emotional Life of Weblogs, Julie Leung writes about a BloggerCon III session:

We no longer use typewriters to create paper pages, but as we fit our fingers on the keyboard, letting the thoughts transfer into typed text, we are still trying to fasten ourselves onto something. How do blogs allow us to break free of our bone boxes and connect with each other? How are we fastening ourselves to our posts and to other people? What kinds of relationships are we building through blogging? Which sections of ourselves do we let others see?

Mary Tsao has more about The Emotional Life of Weblogs session:

What was the most serious thing we ever blogged?
(While I was thinking of my own answer to this question, Terry answered the question). “On April 15 I found my wife dead on the bathroom floor. We were married 18 months. She was 41.” The first thing he did after he got home from the hospital, was to blog about it.

How do we choose what goes into our blogs?

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