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Poverty – Oct 15th

Zack and Becky went over the top at the weekend, so Monday Becky had another stab at the Supermarket.
In the trolley she put:
Loaded magazine for Zack £3.40
Hello for her £2.00
TV & Satellite Weekly for all of them £1.10
A pack of thick cut smoked bacon on offer at £4.00
15 eggs on offer at £1.50
Vintage Cheddar on offer £2.00
2 large roasted chickens (still warm) £6.00
2 packs of Flora original £2.00
1 Italian Lasagne (warm in the oven for 20 minutes) £4.00
Mayonnaise Filler £1.00
Chicken & Sweetcorn Filler £1.00
Roasted Vegetables & Pesto Pizza £3.98
Barbecue Chicken Pizza (stuffed crust) £2.98
Meat Feast Pizza £2.38
Meat & Pineapple Pizza £2.38
6 Mini Streak Pies £2.16
1 King Prawn Dopiaza & Goan Chicken for Two £9.00
1 Pepsi Six-Pack £2.43
2 packs Stella £18.00
2 cartons Fresh Milk £3.06
Honey Barbecue Crisps £2.00
Cheese & Onion Crisps £2.00
Sweet Chillie Crisps £2.00
Salt & Pepper Crisps £2.00
Original Pringles 73p
Sour Cream & Onion Pringles 73p
Sweet Chillie Pringles 73p
Texas BBQ Pringles 73p
Tangy Cheese Doritos £1.00
Chocolate Brownie Slab £2.07
Sticky Toffee Pudding £2.48
Melt-in-the-middle Chocolate Pudding £2.18
Blueberry Cheesecake £3.98
Strawberry Trifle £2.44
Yellow Lemonade £1.24
Iron Brew £1.24
24 large White Baps £2.76
Rice Krispies 2.00
2 packets Coco Pops (which is just about the only thing little Oli will eat) £4.00
Kingsmill thick-cut Loaf £1.14
Curly Chips £1.11
American style Oven Fries (healthy stuff – for 8-year-old Evie) £1.40
Scampi Kievs £3.95
Salmon encroute £4.00
Breaded Onion Rings 81p
12 Yorkshire Puddings £1.00
Raspberry Jam £1.41
Ben & Jerry’s Caramel Chew Chew £1.59
Nescafe Instant Coffee £3.00
80 Tea Bags 68p
Sugar 84p
Hermesetas sweetener tabs (don’t get fat) £2.34
Cadbury’s Milk Fingers £3.14
1 bottle Smirnoff £14.48
Dry Roast Peanuts (school packed-lunch) £1.35
Baker’s Tasty Beef Dog food (for Prince) £21.24
Peach Flavoured Spring Water £1.28
Fruit Squash (Oli and Evie) £1.71
Daz Washing Powder £5.48
Air-Wick Lavender & Camomile Air Freshener £9.97
Heinz Spaghetti Hoops (guess who?) 53p
Andrex Pink Toilet Rolls £2.25
Always Maxi (unfortunately) £1.44
6 jars Loyd Grossman Bolognese Sauce £6.00
Hellman’s Real Mayonnaise (don’t come back with that light shit) £2.68
10 packs Super Noodles to go £6.50
Family-size Fajitas £2.97
Uncle Ben’s Golden Vegetable Rice £1.54
Lynx Shower Rub £2.35
Nivea Sensations Pack (a girl needs a treat sometimes) £8.00
Anadin Ultra Ibroprofen £1.92
New collar with spikes for Prince (He deserves something. He’s their main protection, after all) £9.99

At the checkout add a tenner’s worth of scratch cards. Plus one lucky-dip lottery ticket for Becky. She won’t tell Zack about it. If it comes up he’ll only want a share.
Best get back to the car quick or Evie and little Oli and Prince will be taking chunks out of each other.
Credit cards, lovely things.

One Response to “Poverty – Oct 15th”

  1. Staysure says:

    “Credit cards, lovely things.” I was just thinking while reading that (and skimming over her shopping list) how much the total was going to come to.

    jb says: Hi Marcos, I got the impression she wasn’t interested in the totals.