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Pink – Dear Mr President

The video of Pink singing Dear Mr President live in New York City is on YouTube, and you can access it via this link.

It’s only a mildly interesting video, but worth a watch so you know what all the fuss is about. It’s certainly better than the official video release, which is naîve in the extreme.

The main problem is that the song is not very good. Pink’s sincerity is not in question, though if she wants to be taken completely seriously she would have to stop advertising Pepsi.

And although the song isn’t interesting, the fall-out from its release, certainly is. We see, once again, that any criticism of the American government’s policies, brings forth an immediate, violent and personal attack from Bush supporters, quite out-of-proportion to the sentiment expressed.

8 Responses to “Pink – Dear Mr President”

  1. Russ Miller says:

    Wow, that would be a long list of musicians if we had to disregard everyone who hawked some product. Or, is it only Pepsi you have a problem with?

  2. John Baker says:

    Thanks for the comment, Russ. Yes, of course I have a problem with Pepsi. Doesn’t everyone? A company that manufactures, promotes and sells, slow, teeth-rotting, poison to kids; and all for the sake of making money? I want a better world than that.
    But I also have a problem with the hawkers. As far as advertising and marketing are concerned I’m with the late Bill Hicks.
    What the industry excels in is the hiring of any kind of celebrity and paying them enormous sums of cash to tell us, and our children, lies on television while we’re in the comfort of our own homes.
    Many people admire, identify with, and trust these people, and are, therefore, easily persuaded to part with their money when a celebrity, like Pink (or anyone else on the long list you refer to) gives the nod to a product made up almost entirely of hype.

  3. Mikeachim says:

    The sad thing for me is how blunt it is. Not blunt in a crassly witty way, but…artless. It’s hardly a side-swipe. It’s hardly satire. It seems like a grown-up equivalent of “you smell” flung across the playground.
    Political commentary shouldn’t ever be twee.

  4. Thomas says:

    Well I agree with the blogger on this one.
    When an artists only lasting imprint on my mind is an advertisment then I know that I can disregard them and the product they endorse;)

  5. hipmom3 says:

    I actually LOVE this song, and stand behind her! we need a change in this world!!!

    jb says: As long as we don’t get another nutter, hipmom.

  6. Senor Ohlrog says:

    I can’t listen to anyone that has never been outside this country. You guys disgust me in your simple minded opinions. People like pink who decide to give their opinions on how hard life is somewhere else, but lives the American dream in her nice house and with fancy cars. Go find a thick stump to fit inside yourself. Take a trip outside this country, you’ll realize things you’ve never seen before. And don’t take advice from people who say they have been places and seen different things, but are staying in a 5 star hotel; and are willing to tell you how hard it is there, and that they understand where their coming from. I’ve been around the world, I will never listen to people who sing about politics. What do they know, seriously. I’m ashamed of anybody who agrees with these kind of entertainers. You’re pretty much telling the rest of society you shouldn’t be an American. Sincerely, to the idiots of this world!

  7. Miles says:

    Anyway it’s an exercise of the freedom of speech and expression. It only prove that our democracy is alive and kicking. It’s only up to us. I hope you will choose side intelligently.

  8. john baker says:

    Hi Miles,
    Thanks for the comments. I agree entirely.