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Paul Wolfowitz and Accountability

Paul Wolfowitz was President Bush’s key architect of the Iraq war. He is now president of the World Bank and a self-styled fighter of corruption.

Wolfowitz’s girlfriend was a senior World Bank employee. When he became president of the World Bank, the Bank’s ethics rules would not allow him to keep her on staff under his supervision. So he transferred her to the US State Department but kept her on the Bank’s payroll, and gave her a US$60,000 pay raise. Her salary rose to US$193,590, higher than Condoleeza Rice’s.

Then Wolfowitz hid the evidence of what he’d done.

Fighting corruption is a key to ending poverty, which is one of the stated aims of the World Bank. But there should not be one standard for the rich and powerful and a different one for everybody else.

The 24-member board of the World Bank, which uncovered Wolfowitz’s corruption through a special investigation, is now deciding his fate. Surely he should be sacked.

Wolfowitz claimed the Iraq war would spread democracy, but it sparked a civil war. He promised to fight corruption, but engaged in it himself.

He has a lot to say about accountability. But if he really believed in it he’d already be walking.

9 Responses to “Paul Wolfowitz and Accountability”

  1. ysmin says:

    He should go and change his socks! I heard that the turks sent him by ground mail many new socks. I hope it is not late for his image. :=))

    Anyways I found always funny how big guys run with their entire siblings key positions in the USA government. Elizabeth Cheney & Her Husband & Dad Dick Cheney & Friend Shaha Riza & Lover Paul Wolfowitz, Bush ?? Laura ?? All key positions.

    Maybe some readers here can help. Clean the mess!!!!

  2. GICINGIEI says:

    He should resign and stop wasting more time. I heard he is trying to enlist the help of African leaders. Maybe he should have talked to Africa and if he had done any good to any body it is only to his girlfreind. If the president still has confidence in him, then something is absolutely wrong here. By the way maybe he wanted to use the girlfreind to penetrate middle east mafia for the Good of America, only that it has not been made public. Next time mr paul make sure you do not get caught. Go home and help the president end the war you must have had enough break to figure something out. You are lucky you can swipe positions with your girlfriend again and go back to state department. It is more familiar waters than world bank, you won’t make mistakes there.

  3. Paul says:

    “No more heroes anymore” – Why?

    Is it because whoever the media raises up, they feel duty bound eventually to destroy?
    Is it because everyone has flaws, and those flaws will eventually be discovered and publicised?
    Is it because the skills by which success is achieved, are usually self, rather than society-driven?
    Is it because everyone is eventually promoted beyond their capability?
    Is it because we have raised “Celebrity” to a position once reserved for Saints?
    How did Bush become ruler of the most powerful nation on earth?
    When did people lose respect for Politicians, Reporters, Policemen, Doctors, Teachers, Local Government, the UN?

    When did we start to blindly accept the “real world” as something desirable?

    When did we stop believing that we could make the world a better place?

    Who do I tell my children they should look up to and respect?

    When did we start wingeing and whining and complaining so much?

    Were there ever any real heroes?

    When the ferry went down in Zeebruge, one of the casualties, a man whose name I don’t remember, formed a human bridge with his body, allowing many other people to escape. I know there are many others like him. It’s just that we don’t usually know their names.

    jb says: Maybe, if they’re out there, Paul, we don’t need to know their names? The problem with a good footballer these days, or any other kind of ‘winner’, we seem to believe if they’re that good in that realm they must be good in every realm. And the tragedy is that, sooner or later, they start believing in their own propaganda.

  4. Hello John,
    What an interesting post today.
    You captured so much in so little when you described Wolfowitz as a self-styled fighter of corruption. That straightaway opens the reader’s mind to questions.
    I’m learning…I’m learning! 🙂

    jb says: Isn’t that great, Susan, being a reader and having your mind woken up to questions. I love it.

  5. Jerry Prager says:

    Remember Wily Coyote, how he used to put on a sheep skin and try and fool the sheep dog, only his snout stuck out and every 2 year old with a TV knew he wasn’t a sheep, I mean gosh gee golly holy gee wiz, but where did all that early warning discernment ability go.
    Maybe I just never grew up, and so never stopped looking for canine snouts in sheep’s clothing, but I remember jumping up and down in front of the TV telling CNN and everyone else Watch Out Watch Out that’s a Wolfowitz under there.
    I guess that’s the problem with TV, it’s not two way. Thank god for blogs.

    jb says: Nice one, Jerry.

  6. Andrew K says:

    That Wolfowitz heads the World Bank should tell anyone all they need to know about the good intentions of said organisation. Below is linked an excellent documentary by John Pilger on this organisation and how it is essentially an enslavement machine over the world’d poorest.

  7. john baker says:

    Wolfowitz resigned last night.
    Let’s call that a result.

  8. Good thing that he resigned!

  9. Bodyboarding says:

    I wish I got to work for Bush, it seems like he would let you have lots of benefits for the friends and family!