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Paris, Je T’aime – a film

This 2006 film brings together a collection of short stories by more than twenty different directors. The link is the city of Paris. And in Paris we meet lovers, divorcees, tourists, lovers, vampires, parents, children, gays, lovers, murder, madness, tight parking spaces, Oscar Wilde, lovers, terminal illness, a couple of clowns, Tour Eiffel, dreams galore, glamour, oh, and of course, lovers.

I went into the cinema wondering if I would be able to take two hours of bits and pieces and came out wondering why I haven’t been to Paris recently. Time to get a trip together, methinks.

2 Responses to “Paris, Je T’aime – a film”

  1. Michele says:

    Paris is always worth a trip, especially in November when the tourism has died down — or at least when all the American teenagers are in school at home.

    jb says: Hi Michele. I’m working on the people who are going with me. They’re not convinced yet, so I’ve a way to go. But I’ll get there.

  2. Gladys Maurais says:

    Keep working ,great job!