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Paris; a Poem by Hope Mirrlees

…behind the ramparts of the Louvre
Freud has dredged the river and, grinning horribly,
waves his garbage in a glare of electricity,
They moan and yell and squeak
Like a thousand tom-cats in rut.
The whores like lions are seeking their meat from God :
An English padre tilts with the Moulin Rouge…

The above is an extract. For a complete PDF download of the original 1920 edition, published by Leonard and Virginia Woolf, you should visit the Hope Mirrlees on the Web site.

4 Responses to “Paris; a Poem by Hope Mirrlees”

  1. Nancy Kreitner says:

    I googled Transtromer’s poems, and voila found you… What a happy coincidence. I loved the two poems you posted, and I agree with a previous comment, translated poetry always makes me wonder what the poems true essence was in the original language? I have a Dear Friend, who is a poet, living in Prague. He’s translating his next book into Czech. It will be a dual version, English and Czech. I can’t wait to get my sticky fingers on it. Anyway skimming your stuff makes me think I need to be a follower..


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