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Out-takes IX

‘The Porsche and the peacock tail are exactly the same thing. They are both in their different ways, expensive, costly. They’re handicaps; and they have to be or they wouldn’t be reliable indicators of the fitness of a potential mate.

‘The tail and the Porsche are both useless in terms of survival, but their uselessness is exactly what makes them attractive in sexual terms.’

‘Hang on,’ Sam said. ‘How does owning a Porsche indicate the fitness of a potential mate?’

‘I didn’t say I agreed with all this stuff,’ JD said. ‘I’m telling you what current theory is. This is what the latest batch of evolutionists believe. If you drive a Porsche you’re liable to have money in the bank. You have earning power. The Porsche is like a sign round your neck. It says, “Fuck me and have my baby because I’ve got taste and money which equals power.” It shows that the guy is able to take care of all the material necessities like food and shelter and an expensive public school.’

One Response to “Out-takes IX”

  1. John Matthew says:

    Yes, John, agree, a Porche is like an expensive peacock tail. But who needs a tail in these days of cyber sex and dildoes!