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On the English Language

I have removed this poem at the request of the publisher, Lutterworth Press.

Written by Harry Hemsley

10 Responses to “On the English Language”

  1. Brian Hadd says:

    English is hard to explain too by United States lights. Politesse.

    jb says: Interesting, though, isn’t it, that English novels are quite often translated into American; whereas American novels are never translated into English. I’ve never been given a really good reason for this.

  2. Paul says:

    Lovely poem.
    I don’t think we’ve ever forgiven the Americans for Dick Van Dyke’s “cockney” accent in “Mary Poppins.”
    I also wonder if there is such a thing as a uniform American accent/language/way of speaking?
    I was once talking to an American in Florida who observed that I did not speak like a local and asked, not if I was British, but if I was from New York, a place I’ve never visited in my life.

  3. Brian Hadd says:

    American novels aren’t translated into English because English novels aren’t could be, but I wouldn’t disparage my mother tongue.

    Floridians are backward as hosts methinks.

    jb says: Say what, Brian?

  4. Winifred Akpieyi says:

    Wonderful!! I have been looking for this poem for eons. I learnt it from a literature book when I was a kid and could remember only a few lines. Thank you for publishing and thanks to google for finding it!!

  5. ramesh says:

    Ever wonder all “Question” words in English begin with “Wh”?

    What, Why, Whom, Which, When, Who, Whether, Where, Whither?

    jb says: Does? How? Could? Are?

  6. ramesh says:

    Except “How”, Others cannot be accepted as “Question” words in the proper sense of the word. They can be used both ways – Questions and answers.

    Does it? It does. Could you? You could. Are you? You are.

    Another Wh – Whose

  7. Frank Gerace says:

    Dic Van Dyck didn’t do to well but Meryl Streep sounds authentic in any accent she uses. I guess some people can do it better than others. But not only actors, why do some people conquer their foreign accent and others hang on to it throughout their life no matter how much and at what level they use their new language?

  8. isabelle says:

    i am useing this poem for my e.s.b (english speaking board) it quite easy to learn because it rhymes

  9. Shoaib says:

    Where’s the summary