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Omid Djalili

Omid DjaliliAlthough originally a British-Iranian film and tv actor, Omid Djalili is now recognised as a stand-up comedian. And it was with his new show, No Agenda, that he appeared at the Grand Opera House in York, last night.

He’s intelligent, infectiously and refreshingly funny and brings with him an outsider’s view of the contemporary condition. His material, however, is often patchy. I was not the only one laughing because I wanted to find him funny, rather than being tickled by his jokes.

But he’s an excellent mimic, seems to be able to render any accent, from Geordie to Nigerian, and has a great take on disco dancing. He is one of the few serious ambassadors for multiculturalism.

He has a series on BBC1 television starting in the autumn and one hopes that he has good writers. From memory, the camera is kind to him.

He does a great Godzilla.

Continues to make us repeat that question: Who are we.

2 Responses to “Omid Djalili”

  1. summer hammond says:

    dear onid ,
    your show at gilled hall you made me,gorga,paul mum,and mat us laughour self to death but some off it I did not understand some off it . But it was really nice to meet you when I saw the film mummy I thout you were the best charicter say hi to anabell and hope you enjoyed reading my letter
    love summer
    p.s mum said hi

  2. Ramin Zabihi says:

    Man Va Hamsaram Tahereh Be Shoma Eftekhar Mikonim
    Avvalin Bar Keh Fahmidam Iani Hastid Dar film e Modigliani Bood. Vaghti Sarmast Az hal o havaye Bi Nazir e Film Boodim Fahmidan e In Ke Naghsh e Picasso Ra Yek Irani Bazi Kardeh…An ham be in Zibaee Ehsas e Khoobeman Dar Bareye Film Chandin Barabar Bood

    Love You

    Ramin & Tahereh

    jb says: I don’t know what you’re saying here, Ramin. But still, it’s good you called in.