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Night on Bald Mountain

Expressionism in Film.
“We have worlds to conquer here,” said Walt Disney during the making of Fantasia.
Set to Modest Mussorgsky’s St John’s Night on the Bare Mountain, a tone poem themed around a witches’ sabbath, these frames from Disney’s Fantasia (1940) should make you want to run out and find a copy of the film:

One Response to “Night on Bald Mountain”

  1. Janis Mackay says:

    thanks for that – just suddenly what I need. Writing a book. You know when just the thing drops into your lap? Merry Solstice time from the dark northlands x

    jb says: Hi Janis. Yes, of course, I know the feeling well. Makes you feel like a magnet.
    Weird Walt, eh. Strange, the route things take.