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Myanmar (Burma) Today

In Rangoon, people say they are more frightened now than when soldiers were shooting on the streets.

“When there were demonstrations and soldiers on the streets, the world was watching,” said a professional woman who watched the marchers from her office.

“But now the soldiers only come at night. They take anyone they can identify from their videos. People who clapped, who offered water to the monks, who knelt and prayed as they passed. People who happened to turn and watch as they passed by and their faces were caught on film. It is now we are most fearful. It is now we need the world to help us.”

Source: The Independent

3 Responses to “Myanmar (Burma) Today”

  1. Paul says:

    It defies belief, both that it is happening now, and that the international “outrage” is so muted.
    Because the Burmese government are not an international threat they become invisible bullies of their own people.

    jb says: Hi Paul. It would be easy to weep when you look at what the mass media are feeding us instead of this story.

  2. john baker says:

    Tony Birtley’s video of the initial crackdown is viewable on the ko htike site.

  3. The Old Hack says:

    What a pity Burma doesn’t produce crude oil – the major players would soon intervene. Sadly, like Rwanda and Zimbabwe it sits on the back burner