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Mrs McCullers, I love you.

Margarita G. Smith, the sister of Carson McCullers, remembers “best one evening at a university lecture. After she had recited Stone Is Not Stone in her gentle Southern voice, there was a long silence. Then suddenly a young student stood up and said, ‘Mrs McCullers, I love you.’

Stone Is Not Stone
There was a time when stone was stone
And a face on the street was a finished face.
Between the Thing, myself and God alone
There was an instant symmetry.
Since you have altered all my world this trinity is twisted:

Stone is not stone
And faces like the fractioned characters in dreams are incomplete
Until in the child’s inchoate face
I recognize your exiled eyes.
The soldier climbs the glaring stair leaving your shadow.
Tonight, this torn room sleeps
Beneath the starlight bent by you.

One Response to “Mrs McCullers, I love you.”

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    that is a great story. students do the darndest things sometimes and that is a feelgood tale.