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Reflections of a working writer and reader



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About – details of this site
about RSS – RSS or syndication and what it means
All Posts – a list of all posts on this blog
Author images – some writers and what they may have looked like
Extracts from my novels – selected extracts from the novels of John Baker
Films – some of the movies I remember
Good Places to Eat – a short page; I don’t eat out much
Info – another way of finding your way around this site
Interviews – people trying to get to the places I could never reach
Links – links to literary blogs, readers, writers, poets, etc.
Menu Items – this page
More – some short-stories, an FAQ page, what readers say, etc.
My bookshop – this is where you can buy signed copies of my novels
News & Forthcoming Events – tours, workshops, booking details
Older Blog Archives – some of the posts I made before transferring the blog to WordPress
Press reviews of my novels – what critics have thought of my published work
Published novels – a list and outlines of John Baker’s published novels
Quotations – quotations on writing and revolution, on dance and time, art, humour, lies, serial killers and other subjects
Recently read – some of the novels I’ve been reading
Sitemap – Yet another way of finding your way around this site
Stage & music – some theatre performances I’ve seen, concerts I’ve attended; exhibitions I passed through