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Lady Godiva – No thank you

Wayne Slater in The Dallas Morning News reports on the conference of the Republican Party of Texas. It advocates, as one might expect, prayer in school, getting out of the United Nations, teaching intelligent design with evolution in science classes, repealing of the minimum wage, declaring illegal immigrants criminals and outlawing abortion with no exceptions.
Oh, yes, and:

Robert Hurt went to Washington and didn’t like what he saw – nudity in the nation’s capital.
“Nude women, sculptured women,” he told the state Republican platform committee, which sat in rapt attention.
Of all the evils in Washington that the Texas GOP took aim at this week, removing art with naked people from public view was high on the list for Mr. Hurt, a delegate from Kerrville.
“You don’t have nude art on your front porch,” he explained. “You possibly don’t have nude art in your living rooms. So why is it important to have that in the common places of Washington, D.C.?”

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