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Kronus In My Coffee

As my bangle taps the table the sun catches the surface and the liquid dreams its own depths. The café recedes, the voices from the kitchen fall away, the Thai boy at the bar is sucked into the mirror behind him. I watch him go.
From the profundity of the cup my own reflection gazes out. The sunken eyes, the thin nose, the pert lips, the remains of a retro pageboy hairstyle. We regard each other, she and I. We are sisters, twins from the same egg, though it was her who carried me to birth.
I don’t know her now. I recognise only the outline, the surface, and suspect that is all there is. The substance, the kernel, that insubstantial thing she nursed, was my own genesis.
She is tired, vanquished, watching closely as I sip her away.
When the coffee is finished she remains for a moment, embedded in the porcelain base. But in a blink of my eye she is gone.
For ever?
I stride out into the bright morning. I imagine the Thai boy returning to his place at the counter, shaking his head and clearing the table, wondering momentarily at the small dry husk in the bottom of my cup.

One Response to “Kronus In My Coffee”

  1. Jim Murdoch says:

    Okay, my Greek history was never that great but I really don’t get the title. The narrator is a female and Kronus was a male Titan and, as far as I can tell, not a twin. Unless you meant Khronos, as in Father Time? Can you clarify, please?

    jb says: You ready for this, Jim? Kronus was the deity who devoured his children so they wouldn’t overthrow him and castrate and kill him like he did his own father. He actually eats the children, but Zeus is hidden from him and he eats a stone instead, thinking that it is Zeus.
    The original idea behind the piece was of someone who had lived a life in the shadows. Who had been self ‘A’, hidden behind a construct, self ‘B’. She eventually emerges into her own destiny. Just as Zeus emerges and takes the place of his father, Kronus.
    OK, I’ll think of a new title.