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Jerry Falwell recincarnated in Poland; Tinky-Winky in trouble

In Warsaw, Poland’s conservative government attempts to curb homosexual propaganda. Tinky Winky and the other Teletubbies under house arrest.

One Response to “Jerry Falwell recincarnated in Poland; Tinky-Winky in trouble”

  1. Andrzej Pogorzelski says:

    I have found your blog by chance searching for literacy opinions, texts, blogs, etc. I’m Polish and the post of Tinky Winky’s problems with law is both funny and terrible experience for me. Unfortunately Tinky Winky case has appeared as a main topic to discuss this week. I am really ashamed of it as a Pole.
    For the worse today the Minister of Education is going to limit some of obligatory reading for secondary students. The limit contains such writers like Goethe, Conrad, Dostoyevsky, Kafka and Polish authors: Gombrowicz and Witkacy. Dark times have come for Polish culture under the reign of twin brothers and their ultra conservative government.
    Best regards,

    jb says: Sorry to hear all this, Andrzej. Surely these two idiots can’t last long, can they? The world has come to expect more of Poland. Where is the spirit of Solidarity?