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It’s all right to attack a politician’s religion

We have a Mormon running for the White House and an Opus Dei cultist in the UK Cabinet.
This piece from Johann Hari‘s site was originally published in The Independent.

6 Responses to “It’s all right to attack a politician’s religion”

  1. The Secret Whisperer says:

    That was a very interesting article. Thanks for the link!

    jb says: Yes, interesting stuff. It’s good to know that someone else thought so.

  2. Chris says:

    Wow, great find there.

    I’m just beginning to study religion and its connection with modern politics.. article bookmarked for a later essay!

    jb says: Keep us posted, Chris.

  3. Andrew Kenneally says:

    I’ve developed a bit of a passing interest in this stuff, John, and interesting how little mention goes into the connections of Scientology’s Hubbard with Aleister Crowley- 666, the Beast, etc. Hubbard succeeded Crowley as head of the Ordus Templi Orientis. What do you think of the US electorate being given a choice between two members of this, lets be honest, occult secret society, Skull & Bones, in their last Presidential election?
    Pretty disturbed, and unbelievable that of such substance are our rulers.

  4. Andrew Kenneally says:

    Though the unfortunate thing about pointing out such matters being that the self-defence mechanism our minds operate to preserve whatever vision of reality has been formed, tends to conclude that rather than the people in such societies being dangerously nuts, it is the person pointing this out who often tends to be regarded as the crazy one. A kind of inversion of what one would imagine to be a reasonable use of logic.

    jb says: You have to say what you see, Andrew.

  5. Christianity says:

    Would be great to get a christian in their whos background is non denominational, it would be interesting to see the type of choices he or she makes vs those who are from a denominational background

    jb says: But who would this guy be experimenting on? The world? Oh, that’s OK, then.

  6. creation says:

    I am found of religion. And I think this remark is right, important. Thanks for it.