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Isabel Allende

Allende discusses women, creativity, the definition of feminism, passion and Sophia Loren (she walks elegantly, like a giraffe on the African savannah) in this TED talk, which was recorded three years ago.

Of Basque, Spanish, and Portuguese descent, Isabel Allende was born in Peru of Chilean parents. She now lives in the USA.

According to Alexandra Alter in an article in The Wall Street Journal, Allende, as a young woman in Chile, translated English romance novels to Spanish. But she lost the job for making unauthorized changes to the dialogue of the heroines, in an attempt to make them seem more intelligent. She also twisted the endings of the novels to allow the heroines more independence.

2 Responses to “Isabel Allende”

  1. Jim Ament says:

    TED conferences are a great resource for inspiring talks. I posted on this one by Allende in Nov. and plan to do more. Didn’t care much for her wanting old men to die off, however, since I am one…I still have a creative capability.

  2. Thomas says:

    Old men come in all different shapes and sizes Jim. Some old men are female and some have got over-sized heads in comparison to their bodies

    Allende has a whole lot to say :). Thanks John.