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I Blog, therefore . . .

SearchEngineLand reports on the results of a Pew/Internet survey, concentrating on what people tend to search for on the web. Approximately half of internet users have done ego searches, looking for themselves, checking out their online presence.

Self-validation seems to be an increasingly necessary act as we move further into the 21st century. We’ve known for some time that the consumer society is strong on promises but not so hot on satisfaction. No good going for a new dishwasher or having your hair re-styled. You’ll still have the same doubts cropping up. Seems like shopping doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

Maybe you can find yourself in nature, in art, or religion? You must be there somewhere. Our ancestors didn’t generally have this problem. But then again, they didn’t have search engines either.

You want validating? It’s easy. Go Google yourself.

One Response to “I Blog, therefore . . .”

  1. Dick says:

    I guess the great Facebook cataract caters for the need for validation in spades.

    jb says: Hi Dick, You’re up late tonight.