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Humour and such

In Fowler’s Modern English Usage, we are given the following, which is quite wonderful and which I have often rediscovered during my time. Has this ever been improved upon?

. Motive or Aim Province Method or Means Audience
Humour Discovery Human Nature Observation The Sympathetic
Wit Throwing Light Words & Ideas Surprise The Intelligent
Satire Amendment Morals & Manners Accentuation The Self-satisfied
Sarcasm Inflicting Pain Faults & Foibles Inversion Victim & Bystander
Invective Discredit Misconduct Direct Statement The Public
Irony Exclusiveness Statement of Facts Mystification An Inner Circle
Cynicism Self-justification Morals Exposure of Nakedness The Respectable
The Sardonic Self-relief Adversity Pessimism Self

4 Responses to “Humour and such”

  1. Thanks for reminding me of that; it really is brilliant.

  2. Pearl says:

    That is wonderful how someone’s broken that all down. Cool.

  3. Jennyta says:

    This is really good. I think I will forward it to my elder daughter who has no appreciation of my sense of humour and constantly accuses me of being simply sarcastic.

  4. Jags says:

    So its cynical of me to see the irony of this invective classification of humor as sarcastic when I should see the witty satire in it rather making a sardonic remark ??