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How To Get Published

If the tale cannot be printed as it is written, down to the very last semicolon and comma, it must gracefully accept rejection. Excision by editors is probably the one reason why no living American author has any real prose style…

HP Lovecraft

Michael Berry has published five writing lessons from Lovecraft, together with his own commentary. Funny, and offering advice which is rarely found elsewhere.

2 Responses to “How To Get Published”

  1. I love that quote by Lovecraft – it slips right onto all my own ponderings about what gets published, why authors like Cornelia Funke and Joanne Rowling become such megaphenomena. The post you linked to was very interesting.

    Hope all is well for you in 2008 – I have been somewhat scarce from the blogging scene, but am slowly trying to get geared up again.

    jb says: Hi Indie. I was on your blog this morning and noticed nothing had happened since the legendary (picture) post of December 31. You can make it if you try.

  2. Martin Levin says:

    Dear John:

    I am delighted to know I can reach you here. I am interested in getting publishers and retailers to find a common ground to reduce the level of book returns. I believe that this time of recession should provide a platform to start a dialog. I tried to get Jim Milliot to get me a place on their Soapbox page with any result —so I set up a blog, which I will use for all my activities. Read me and let me have your reaction.